Welcome to Performance Longboarding!

Life is WAY more fun with a Longboard in it.  Regardless of your age, Longboards are the quickest form of adventure any of us can have from our front door - Just a five minute flow session on the street out front can make a day SOO much better.

At Performance Longboarding we specialize in Custom Longboards that we purpose build for any type of adventure you seek. All of our longboards are shipped the same business day when ordered prior to 1:00pm MST.

If you have questions about a particular build, or any question at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm a nerd about ride quality and love helping riders find exactly what they're looking for.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by - I look forward to hearing from you. : )

JJ Slack / Performance Longboarding

801.466.0404 | performancelongboarding@gmail.com

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