The Landyachtz Evo has more world championships under its belt than any other board. With a wedged nose and de-wedged tail, this dropped platform keeps you locked in and stable on any terrain. From steep straights to curvy mountain passes, the Evo has been the go-to weapon of downhill enthusiasts for over a decade now.

Cast Rogue Trucks take this deck to another level of stability. Not only are they stable in a straight line, but the bushing insert makes the turn consistent and deep.

Orangatang Kegels are a very special wheel. Coming in at 80mm tall with a supportive "fly-wheel" core, they provide a high roll speed and tackle pebbles, cracks, and train tracks with ease.



Trucks: Rogue Cast 48’__ 186mm

Wheels: Orangatang 80mm Kegel

Bearings: Get to choose

Risers: Mini Logo Shock Pad

Hardware: 1.25" Logic Steel

Length: 39"

Wheelbase: 32"

Width: 9.8"


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