The Restless Shredder brings a springy, fiberglass construction at a low price. Not only does the construction make it light and agile, but also very durable.

With the flexible lip and grippy urethane of Orangatang In Heats, you'll be able to push your turns to the absolute edge. Their size and softness allows them to roll over bumps and pebbles with no problems.

Pair this all with the spacious bushing seat of Paris trucks, and you've got yourself a certified cruising, carving machine.



Trucks: Paris 180mm 50’__

Wheels: Orangatang 75mm In Heat

Bearings: Mini Logo w/ Spacers

Risers: 1/8" Loaded Shock Pad

Hardware: 1.25" Logic Steel

Length: 39"

Wheelbase: 27"

Width: 9.5"


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