Sector 9 Arrow - Custom Built for Freeriding!

The Sector 9 Arrow was designed with fun in mind. Bomb a hill, throw some slappies, and do some 360 slides all in one line. With a maple core and triaxial fiberglass, this deck is simple, versatile, and fun!

The low angle and deep bushing seat on Caliber 44's will keep your platform nice and stable in big slides and fast bombs.

Powell Peralta Snakes have the long standup slides on lock. These wheels slide further than most and last longer than most, perfect for those who prefer to keep their pucks off the ground.

Pro Build® by Performance Longboarding.

Our intention with Pro Build is simple: Custom build longboards using best in class components from the most respected brands in the industry. Period. No teaser pricing using generic components. Just premium quality and exceptional value.

Deck: Sector 9 Arrow - ($154.00)

Trucks: Caliber IIs 44° X 184mm - ($55.00)

Wheels: Powell Snakes 66mm X 75a - ($42.00)

Bearings: Zealous Bearings - ($14.00)

Spacers: Zealous Build-In - ($0.00)

Risers: Mini Logo .10” Shock Pads - ($3.00)

Hardware: Logic 1.25” Truss Head - ($5.00)

Grip Tape: Factory Installed - ($0.00)

Total Build Cost: $283.00

Guaranteed Low Price: $271.00

Length: 39.5” | Width: 9.75” | Wheelbase: 26.0” to 28.75”

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