Prism Origin V2 Pro Build Longboard

$ 283.00 $ 260.00

The Prism Origin V2 brings a symmetrical rockered platform to the playing field. This design keeps your feet planted regardless of your stance, and lets you ride switch with ease. The rocker will add some comfort to the kick while  W concave glues your soles to the wood.

Prism's V2 decks are built with a new layup -  7 plies of maple and 2 layers of fiberglass to make them even lighter and stronger than before.

Caliber II 44º RKP Trucks bring you stability when you need it most. A deep bushing seat, and center-set hanger keep your turn consistent and concise. Double barrel Blood Orange bushings and insert keep you fully balanced whether skidding big, or gripping and ripping.

If you like big standup slides and thane lines, Blood Orange Morgans have your name on them. A supportive core and urethane that peels apart with each slide make them one of the best freeride wheels on the market.

Premium Ride Quality Period

Our intention with Pro Build is simple: Custom build longboards using best in class components from the most respected brands in the industry. Period. No teaser pricing. No wheels & bearings sourced from Mars. Just premium ride quality and exceptional value.

Deck: Prism V2 Origin - ($140.00)

Trucks: Caliber 44° X 184mm Midnight Red - ($55.00)

Wheels: Blood Orange 70mm Morgans 80a - ($50.00)

Bearings: Bones REDS - ($18.00)

Spacers: Bones Bearing Spacers - ($2.50)

Risers: Mini Logo .10" Shock Pads - ($2.50)

Hardware: Logic 1.25" Truss Head - ($5.00)

Grip Tape: Mob Course - ($10.00)

Total Build Cost:  $283.00

Discounted Price: $260.00

Length: 34.5" | Width: 9.75" | Wheelbase: 26.25" to 27.25"


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