Loaded Icarus Pro-Build Complete

$ 325.00


The Loaded Icarus is a true work of art from our friends at Loaded. A bamboo and fiberglass construction is combined with aggressive wheel flares and deep camber. This design is extremely durable, light, and agile for your adventures in the concrete jungle.

Paris 180mm 50º trucks have a forgiving bushing seat that provides deep, stable turns at any speed.

Orangatang Kegels bring grippy carves and smooth ride to the party. At a tall 80mm and soft 80a, these babies roll over everything from pebbles to train tracks, providing the ultimate wheel for this all-terrain vehicle.

Looking for builds with the harder Kegels in 83a (Purple)? They provide less cushion for bumps, but are better suited for heavier riders, simultaneously providing a faster roll speed. Check them out here: Loaded Icarus Builds with Harder Kegels.




Trucks: Paris 180mm 50º

Wheels: Orangatang 80mm Kegels 80a Orange

Bearings: Get to choose

Risers: Loaded Shock Pads

Hardware: 1" Loaded

Length: 38.4"

Wheelbase: 28.25"

Width: 8.6"

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