The Loaded Overland is the multi-disciplinary apparatus you've been looking for. Take it to the hills, skatepark, or even just to school. With a fiberglass and bamboo construction, this deck is extremely durable and poppy. With long kicktails and small flares in the concave, you've got a lot of maneuverability for how big this deck is.

Caliber trucks keep your turns solid and stable, a perfect match for the deck's short wheelbase.

The big core and slidy urethane of Powell Snakes match this setup perfectly. From 360 slides to blunt slides, these things rip!


Trucks: Caliber 150mm 50º

Wheels: Powell 66mm Snakes 75a

Bearings: Get to choose

Risers: Mini Logo Shock Pads

Hardware: 1" Loaded

Length: 37"

Wheelbase: 20.75"/22"

Width: 9.5"

Nose angle: 18°

Tail Angle: 13°

Nose: 4.9"

Tail: 5.9"


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