Loaded Overland - Custom Built for Freestyle!

The Loaded Overland is the multi-disciplinary apparatus you've been looking for. Take it to the hills, skatepark, or even just to school. With a fiberglass and bamboo construction, this deck is extremely durable and poppy. With long kicktails and small flares in the concave, you've got a lot of maneuverability for how big this deck is.

Caliber trucks keep your turns solid and stable, a perfect match for the deck's short wheelbase.

The big core and slidy urethane of Powell Snakes match this setup perfectly. From 360 slides to blunt slides, these things rip!

Pro Build® by Performance Longboarding.

Our intention with Pro Build is simple: Custom build longboards using best in class components from the most respected brands in the industry. Period. No teaser pricing using generic components. Just premium quality and exceptional value.

Deck: Loaded Overland - ($195.00)

Trucks: Caliber 50° X 150mm - ($50.00)

Wheels: Powell Snakes 66mm X 75a - ($42.00)

Bearings: Bones REDS - ($18.00)

Spacers: Bones Bearing Spacers - ($3.00)

Risers: Loaded 1/8" Shock Pads - ($6.00)

Hardware: Loaded 1.0" Button Head - ($6.00)

Grip Tape: Factory Installed - ($0.00)

Total Build Cost: $310.00

Guaranteed Low Price: $298.00

Length: 37.0” | Width: 9.5” | Wheelbase: 20.75” to 22.0”

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