Loaded Tarab Pro-Build Complete

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The Loaded Tarab is the newest deck in Loaded's 15 year legacy of dancing and carving. With a medium wheelbase, 2 flexes, and a fiberglass/bamboo construction, you are in for a tasty treat. Cruise, flip, dip, and carve through the plaza with this dancing masterpiece

Paris 180mm 50º trucks have a forgiving bushing seat that provides deep, stable turns at any speed. These are ideal for anyone wanting a solid carving truck that can handle some quicker speeds.

Orangatang Stimulus are a little offset package of "happy thane" just waiting to lay down some buttery slides. With round lips and slidy urethane, they will be give you kushy, consistent landings and hookups no matter the maneuver.


Trucks: Paris 180mm X 50º Matte Black

Wheels: Orangatang Stimulus 70mm X 80a Orange

Bearings: Get to choose

Risers: Loaded Shock Pads

Hardware: 1.25" Loaded

Length: 47"

Width: 9.5"

Wheelbase: 31.25"- 32.25"

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