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The Loaded Tesseract handles speed with ease, slides with grace, and tricks with style. The construction blends fiberglass and bamboo to bring a stiff board with a slight dampening flex. Combine this construction with rocker, kicktails, and wheel flares, you've got an equally agile and stable platform. This setup is perfect for high speeds, big slides and dizzying freestyle maneuvers.

The spacious bushing seat of Paris trucks allow you to turn deep and let loose, a freerider's dream.

Rounding out the complete with Orangatang Keanus brings you a set up that can handle everything from stairsets to steeps. They have a durable, rounded lips and stone-grind that make them perfect endless slides.



Trucks: Paris 50’__ 180mm

Wheels: Orangatang Keanu 66mm

Bearings: Get to choose

Risers: 1/8" Mini Logo Shock Pad

Hardware: 1.25" Logic Steel

Length: 39"

Wheelbase: 24.5"/26"

Width: 9.5"


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