Loaded Tesseract Freeride Pro-Build

$ 319.00


The Loaded Tesseract handles speed with ease, slides with grace, and tricks with style. The construction blends fiberglass and bamboo to bring a stiff board with a slight dampening flex. Combine this construction with rocker, kicktails, and wheel flares, you've got an equally agile and stable platform. This setup is perfect for high speeds, big slides and dizzying freestyle maneuvers.

Caliber II 44º RKP Trucks bring you stability when you need it most. A deep bushing seat, and center-set hanger keep your turn consistent and concise. Double barrel Blood Orange bushings and insert keep you fully balanced whether skidding big, or gripping and ripping.

If you like big standup slides and thane lines, Blood Orange Morgans have your name on them. A supportive core and urethane that peels apart with each slide make them one of the best freeride wheels on the market.



Trucks: Caliber II 44º 184mm

Wheels: Blood Orange Morgans 70mm

Bearings: Get to choose

Risers: 1/8" Mini Logo Shock Pad

Hardware: 1.25" Logic Steel

Length: 39"

Wheelbase: 24.5"/26"

Width: 9.5"


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