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Loaded Vanguard - Custom Built for Carving!

The Vanguard is the flagship board of Loaded Carving Systems. Dating back over a decade, not much has changed (or needed to!) in the design of this deck. A hefty dose of camber and narrow width mean that this board pumps and flows like no other. Loaded's fiberglass and bamboo construction bring the design together into a timeless piece of ridable art. Orangatang Kegels will absorb the shock from bumps, cracks, rocks, train tracks, and just about anything you need to roll over whilst out and about. With a grippy urethane and soft lips, they will also hold out deep carves and hard turns. Rounding out the complete, Caliber 50° trucks provide a consistent, stable turn. Paired with such a lively deck, they will keep you balanced while laying it out as hard as your heart desires.

Pro Build® by Performance Longboarding.

Our intention with Pro Build is simple: Custom build longboards using best in class components from the most respected brands in the industry. Period. No teaser pricing using generic components. Just premium quality and exceptional value.

Deck: Loaded Vanguard - ($174.00)

Trucks: Caliber IIs 50° X 184mm - ($55.00)

Wheels: Orangatang Kegel 80mm X 78a - ($60.00)

Bearings: Bones REDS - ($18.00)

Spacers: Bones Bearing Spacers - ($3.00)

Risers: Paris 1/8” Riser Pads - ($4.50)

Hardware: Logic 1.25” Truss Head - ($5.00)

Grip Tape: Factory Installed - ($0.00)

Total Build Cost: $319.50

Guaranteed Low Price: $307.00

Length: 38.0" | Width: 8.5" | Wheelbase: 31.5”

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