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Sector 9 Lookout - Certified Build from Sector 9

There is no better carving and commuting vehicle than the Bamboo version of the Lookout, which is why it's Sector 9s top selling board. The complete version comes with 69mm wheels to keep your speed and easily roll over cracks and any stray rocks that get in your way. The drop-through truck mounts make the board lower, easier to push, and more stable. The Bamboo construction keeps the board light, gives it a nice dampening flex, and is a renewable resource.

Deck: Sector 9 Lookout Geo

Trucks: Gullwing 10" Chagers Black

Wheels: Sector 9 Top Shelf 69mm X 78a

Bearings: Sector 9 Greaseballs

Spacers: No Spacers

Risers: No Shock Pads

Hardware: Sector 9 Truss Head

Grip Tape: Factory Installed

Length: 41.0" | Width: 9.6" | Wheelbase: 31.5"

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