Sector 9 Lookout - Custom Built for Carving!

The Sector 9 Lookout has been a best-seller for many years, and for good reason. If you're looking for a quality longboard that offers flex for carving, there are few platforms that can compete with the Lookout on value. Constructed of Bamboo & Hardrock Maple, the Lookout really shines when built for traction. That said, this build is a little different than the stock version.

To maximize traction and offer a really plush ride quality, we chose 74mm Sector 9 Nine Ball wheels for this build, which are larger than the 69mm Sector 9 Top Shelf wheels that come stock. The extra urethane depth, combined with the additional urethane mass, absorb more road vibrations to give extra cushiness to the ride.

Paris V2 Trucks are paired with the larger wheels to provide easy turn initiation and allow for deep carving. Paris V2s are well known for their open bushing seat design and free flowing turn feel. To add even for dampening to the ride, the Paris V2s are mounted to the deck using Loaded drop-though shock pads.

Rounding out this Pro Build® are industry leading Bones REDs bearings with Bones bearing spacers.

Pro Build® by Performance Longboarding.

Our intention with Pro Build is simple: Custom build longboards using best in class components from the most respected brands in the industry. Period. No teaser pricing using generic components. Just premium quality and exceptional value.

Deck: Sector 9 Lookout Pinnacle - ($85.00)

Trucks: Paris V2s 50° X180mm - ($50.00)

Wheels: Sector 9 Nine Balls 74mm X 78a - ($50.00)

Bearings: Bones REDS - ($18.00)

Spacers: Bones Bearing Spacers - ($3.00)

Risers: Loaded 1/16" Shock Pads - ($3.00)

Hardware: Logic 1.25" Truss Head - ($5.00)

Grip Tape: Factory Installed - ($0.00)

Total Build Cost: $214.00

Guaranteed Low Price: $202.00

Length: 41.0" | Width: 9.6" | Wheelbase: 31.0"

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